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The theme of today's Meal Time is German food in the north of the German city of Bremen, and I will tell the story with pictures, with a minimum of accompanying text. As I have written before, B Remen Germany has a number of important sights that tourists should not miss, but after visiting one of the most popular restaurants I am happy to publish a guide that starts with the city I visited to discover this cool and up-and-coming youth hotspot in Germany. I am exhausted by the energy that follows the beat of a meal, blood flows into my stomach and blood into my lungs.

Bremen is also a beautiful destination that has to be included in the travel planning in Germany, but you are not limited to a day trip there. The German roads, known as the Autobahn, are quite easy to drive, and when you reach the B Remen you can drive. It is a short bus or train ride in one and a half hours, making it perfect for day trips from Hamburg.

It is often said that Germany has the best Christmas markets, and Bremen is no exception to this magical Christmas tradition. In fact, it's one of the must-see places on your trip to Germany. It is unusually full of nice and generous people and a great place to meet people, especially if you are nearby.

Sausages are usually made from veal, pork or beef and are offered in almost every restaurant in northwest Germany. German dough, consisting of fried potato slices, sliced apples and a little butter, mostly in cake form. Six are served with a beer ordered by the visitors of the local restaurant and there are cabbage or sausages.

The sausage is grilled from finely chopped pork or beef and served with beer and a little butter. Franconian sausage (Snack Frankiscaner) - Franconian - bratwurst consists of beef, pork or veal and is served in various shapes and sizes, such as sausages, sauerkraut, pâté, rolls, sausages and even a sausage roll.

Bratwurst with onion slices, cooked in vinegar and mostly eaten with Bavarian pretzels, consists of beef, pork or veal, sauerkraut, pate and a little butter. A large-format roasted or grilled Viennese is cut into thick slices, seasoned and usually served with chips, a popular snack created in Berlin in the early 1950s.

The sausage is fried in baguette on a white plate, Bosna style, with mustard, onions and pickled sauerkraut on mustard onions and on white plates, typical of Bosna. A meat dish made of beef, lard, onions and spices, cooked in a pot and served with boiled potato salad in summer. Knodel Sauerkrasut, a meaty, salted pork dish made with white pork fat and usually eaten with boiled kale or cabbage. Potato pancakes with pickled cucumber or beetroot, usually served in garlic sauce or potato salad.

The best - known sausage in Germany, and is best known in Nuremberg and Nuremberg for its spicy herbs. It is a meaty sauerkraut - like sausage, usually with onions and spices, seasoned with herbs and baked in baguette.

This beer is a protected geographical indication and is brewed within the city limits of Munich by a group of brewers belonging to the Munich breweries. In eastern Germany, including Berlin and Berlin, it is also called doughnuts - pancakes, and also known simply as Berliner.

This beer is mixed with citrus lemonade and potato cheese and the main ingredient, potatoes, has a sweet and spicy taste, similar to the Main beer Offenbach. The name of this spread literally means "potato and cheese" and is one of the most popular dishes in Germany and France.

German ragout can be prepared with any kind of meat, pork and beef are also popular, but chicken is undoubtedly the most common in Bremen. The soon to be potato salad from southern Germany is often served as a side dish with bratwurst or boiled sausage. German sausage, liver sausage, while it uses beef, the lebar uses only pork, and liver sausage are called lebars in Romania.

Even the traditional Frankfurt, Vienna and bratwurst sausages, which you can find in a German butcher's shop, are better than those from the supermarket and are spoiled here with delicious variations. Many of these dishes are almost exclusively in the region, but some of the dishes that appear as specialties are shown below.

Nick Snyder takes a break after eating sausage at Oktoberfest in Denver Sepp Wurst is the German word for sausage and is often used as part of the name of a particular sausage recipe. Bruhwurst is smoked and cooked to a garlic flavor and a dark red color. The sausage, which is usually made from pork, has a history in Germany that goes back to 1313.

More About Bremen

More About Bremen