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In just a few years, this modest Brazilian party has turned into a major carnival attended by thousands of people. Germans are known to have drunk five million litres of beer during the Oktoberfest, which lasts for 16 days at the end of September and the beginning of October.

The interdisciplinary research team headed by Prof. Thomas Goschke consists of scientists from the University of Bremen, the University of Bochum and the Friedrich Schiller University of Berlin. There is a large samba carnival where you can enjoy a variety of music, dance, food, beer, wine and of course a lot of beer. The responsibility for organizing the celebration of this famous Brazilian dance lies with the students of the B Remen Dance School. It is the first of its kind in Germany and one of only three worldwide.

Black Biographies, Historical and Contemporary Times "sets out the background and the purpose of the exhibition. The focus is on the different struggles against racism in Germany and the various groups that have been active in Germania over the last 25 years. They will come together to talk about their struggles and their experiences.

The Bremen Bonding Company Contact Fair in B Remen offers participants a platform to get to know employers and to get hired by industry associations. The topic of "Binding in Germany and the future of employment in the textile industry" will be discussed. This will be surrounded by a series of meetings related to cotton and textiles, with workshops, workshops and more.

The Bremer Bonding Company, the second largest adhesive company in the world in Germany, is excellently positioned and has over 1,000 employees and one of the most successful brands in the textile industry. It is also the largest supplier of cotton and textiles in Europe and an important supplier to the international textile market.

Over the last decade, Bremen's ports have recorded record traffic and positive developments in key economic sectors have been accompanied by successes in other areas. Breakbulk Europe has been a trusted business location for industry professionals for more than a decade, who can do business in Europe whether they like it or not. It has always been and will remain a reliable business partner, owing to its reputation as the largest and most trusted business location in the world and the European Union's growing opposition to EU trade policy.

Yet the scientific community is still burdened by a culture of communication that is in many ways unnecessarily restrained and outdated. The German Research Foundation (DFG) provides 600 million euros annually for health sciences, but this is still not enough to support science in Bremen, one of the largest cities for research and development worldwide.

The Excellence Initiative funds projects in science with 2 billion euros per year, which corresponds to 400 million euros per year. Germany has increased its contribution to research and development in the field of health sciences by 1.5 billion euros over the last decade.

The city of Bremen will also provide Euro (33.37.7 million dollars) for Bio-City, and millions will be spent on basic research. The funds will finance the construction of a new research centre, research centre and medical school, as well as research and development.

On this tour you will visit places where German and European colonialism has left its traces and learn more about their role in dealing with the present. After the tour we will go to the cinema to see "Black Panther" with a group of black afro-German youths.

The Bell, the Aeronautics, Space and Innovative Technology Summit is the leading German business conference, which focuses on the development of new technologies in the fields of aerospace, space travel and space technology. The Bremen Soap Meeting is a great opportunity to take a deeper look at the future of the space industry in Germany and the world. We will focus more on basic research, work and evaluation, and less on technology development and marketing.

All men celebrating their birthday should wear a nice black coat and hat. The party dances in clubs and in the open air, and improbable masked balls take place all night. We always remain faithful to the tradition of the Bremen soap meeting, especially at the jubilees.

In winter, unique items are on display, and you can buy painted gingerbread, famous Bavarian sausages, roasted chestnuts and other delicacies at the market. We take on a sales mission, are responsible for the production of customer orders, but also for our customers.

Most of our facilities are located in the Schnoor district, a district that was restored to its original appearance in the 16th and 17th centuries. The most famous is the famous Rhododendron Garden, the former city walls that were demolished in 1802 and now form the promenade around the old town. This is one of the most important efforts to restore the heart of this city and an important part of the restoration of the district in the original "16th and 17th centuries."

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More About Bremen